6 Ways you can benefit from KazaMind

About KazaMind

Greetings from Lebanon,

We are two students majoring in Chemistry at the American University of Beirut.

Driven by our passion to discover new topics, broaden our knowledge and relate it to every day’s world, we created this platform mainly for young individuals with big dreams. 

KazaMind is a way for YOU to share YOUR work, art, research papers and perspectives and make it accessible to others.

As young people, it is usually difficult to find a reputable newspaper or platform to publish our work. With KazaMind, you don’t have to worry about that!

Additionally, it will be a network that tackles different subjects written by today’s younger generation.

It is time for us to show our intellectual capabilities and share it with the rest of the world!!

How can you benefit from KazaMind?


Publish your article, exhibit your artwork, share your perspectives, and make it accessible to others

Enhance your CV

Your publications on KazaMind can be added to your CV!


KazaMind contains interesting, diversified, and reliable topics. Independently from your academic background, you all have a chance to publish on our platform.

Meet the Team

Marc Darazi


Christelle Rassi


Rita Wakim

Board team member

Daniella Razzouk

Head of editorial board

Lana Barakeh

Head of writers

Zeina Abdel Latif

Head of editors

Moses Nassar

Head of copy editors

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