The Voice from Within: Chapter 1

By Charles Tawk

On a beautiful night, when the bright light of the moon was swinging on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, a child was born. He did not choose his name, where he was born and who he would become… All this, was like a package that could not be divided.

I will tell you the story of this boy who became a man aspiring for a society he hoped would be virtuous and idealistic. Unfortunately, he was repeatedly disappointed. As a result, he grew up without aspiration and without taking any significant decision. He became lonely, regretful and waited impatiently for his last hours.

One day, the bright golden rays of the sun entered his room and disturbed his sleep. He tried to return to his nap but the sunlight followed him no matter how he tried to escape. It was seven o’clock in the morning, the first time in more than twenty years he woke up so early. In a bad mood, he dragged his feet to the toilet, washed his face and looked into the mirror. He saw an aged man with puffy eyes, wrinkles in his face and a yellow moustache due to excessive smoking.

Suddenly a voice spoke to him: “See what you have become…”

He answered spontaneously: “I am what I am as a result of what I did or more precisely as a result of what I did not dare do …”

A conversation started between him and the voice. He was frightened and thought he was losing his mind. He tried to escape but the sound followed him everywhere. He turned the television and the radio on, cranking the volume up with no result or success. Finally, he was forced to heed, so he sat on his rocker, lit his wooden pipe and when the white smoke billowed, the voice said:

“Few days only and you will get rid of this boring life, full of delusions and filled with false appearances. You will no longer be lost in the middle of the nights among the gleaming teeth and artificially glittering eyes of the wandering crowd. Will you go from this place without one bold stand; without saying NO even once?

Let us watch together the tape of your life from day one till now…”

To be continued…

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