The Voice from Within: The Finale

By Charles Tawk

“Yes, the solution lies within you” repeated the voice. “Nobody will disclose it to you because it is a personal test. Once revealed, the painful truth will open your drugged mind to what you wouldn’t accept, or didn’t have the time to accept, while you were searching for your daily bread. My voice is the only truth, but the surrounding noises shut your ears so you could not hear me”.

“It only needs a bold decision to restore yourself. So what you are waiting for?

Stand up! Throw all your burdens and make your first steps toward the new start. If you accept my advice you will be ready to return to the realm of life that awaits you impatiently.

Follow me and don’t be too proud to admit your mistakes. Follow me to learn that the full wheat head is always bent unlike the empty spike that always stays upright on the stem, and the windows that think it lights up the world during the day is quickly exposed in the night.” Follow me and benefit from marvelous results.

The results will make you ready:

Ready for a neglected wife, since you realized that marriage is continuity and a sacred bond. Marriage is like the meeting of the palms of two hands to pray and love.

Ready to be a good parent and show your children the path and let them walk it.

Ready to work and earn your living with honor and to balance between work, family and you.

Ready to honor mother earth because here where heaven starts.

And ready to remember always your first “NO” …”

When the voice ended its speech, the man felt fire in his body; he was trembling like if he had received an electric shock. And with lightning speed he jumped from his chair, threw his pipe and decided to act. His imprisoned soul wanted to come out of its cell.

And that’s what happened…

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