The Voices

By Walid el Masri

Cover picture taken from CreativeMARKET

The voices

The voices

The voices that 

Breathe in my mind:

“Why did you leave?”

“Why did you make your parents leave?”

“Why are you like this?”

“You aren’t a man!”

“You’re a girl!”

“You aren’t a man!”

“I’m stronger you weak girl”

“It’s your fault you’re the dramatic one! You always ruin it!”

“Oh please he isn’t smart”

“He can’t even spell”

“Girls are smarter! Hell, donkeys can do better”

“He’s stupid ; I don’t think he can make it”

The voices

The vices

The voices I


“He’s so different”

“He’s always so emotional”

“He’s so weird”

“He’s so horrible”

The voices that make me 

The voices that break me

The voices that suffocate me 

The voices that I used to love.





It never ends; no path for the action.

I’m hurt.

I’m in agony

So I say to the red-blood

“Let them talk

I will not listen.”

But that’s a lie.

No matter what the voices


The voices

The voices 

The voices that make me

That break me.

“Look at that body! You need to eat!”

The voices

The voices

The voices change

But still hurt.

“You need to stop! Look at you! You can barely fit through the door.”

“You need to lose weight.”

“You need to go to the gym.”

“You need to go out with friends; do you even have friends.”

I have friends.

I had friends.

But the voices they say;

They left.

They all left.

It was said that its because 

I did something.

It was me?

I’m the destroyer?

But, I’m already destroyed.

They all left.



Weather that I’m not interesting

Or too dramatic

Or too boring.



Now I lay here



The voices of waterfalls.

A black mind. I lay my head to rest.

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